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Authentic, unique and empowering experiences in Israel.

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Mini Workshops with Local Israeli Artists

Join us in a whole new way to experience Israel.

Participate in mini-workshops with local Israeli artists tailored to your skill level.

Meet an inspiring and experienced Israeli artist who can teach you how to create and be the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

Add a personal cultural experience to your vacation as you explore the wonders of Israel!

Our Artists





Ceramic plates


Collage workshop



Our Artists

Alex K.


Gershon W.


Yaara O.

preparing and painting ceramic plates

Orit G.

collage workshop

Malka L.





What We Do

We build your dream vacation; Visit historical sites, taste the best food from a local restaurant, enjoy authentic experiences or try one of our workshops with local Israeli artists. Your desired vacation can mean so much more with Esperanso. Travelling add memories, but with Esperanso, you get to add a unique exposure to your life at your Israel vacation. We offer you an amalgamation of history, culture, archaeology, religion and community empowerment. 

Why We Do It

We hold a unique philosophy about travel and we offer you the best experience possible while supporting and empowering the local communities. We call this, Socially Responsible Tourism, and we are very proud of it. We invite you to connect with Israel and make your trip meaningful to you, and to the people you will meet. We pride ourselves for warm, friendly and amazing hospitality in collaboration with our local representatives that support us to establish a long lasting and personal relationship with our clients. At the end of your Israel vacation, you will feel connected to the places you visit.


Your entire vacation is designed around your requirements. Explore your interests at your own speed, select your preferred style of accommodations and create the perfect trip with our help.


As native Israelis we know every corner of this country. Our extensive experience in the industry will ensure that your trip will be the best.


All our guides are handpicked by us and are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.  

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Client Testimonials

  • This tour provided me the insight that visiting Israel should mean more than just visiting historical sights. Having an opportunity to interact with kids who see Israel as their home and learning about peoples from all social classes was very inspiring and provided me with a sense of accomplishment. Israel isn’t Israel without its variety of people and people putting in an effort to make it better

    Daniel Schwartz
  • You can’t love someone until you really know them, and you can’t know someone until you’ve seen them on good days AND bad days. The same goes for Israel- I wasn’t able to truly know and love this country until I saw the social problems that lie beneath the postcard-ready vistas and tourist destinations. Esperanso showed me the “Real Israel”–full, complex, flawed, and wonderful–and gave me the opportunity to do what anyone would do for someone they love: to give back in a personally meaningful, high-impact way.

    Averyl Edwards
  • Traveling around Israel with Esperanso was an amazing experience! our tour was fun, and the guide was knowledgeable and well-spoken. I would highly recommend exploring the country with Esperanso.

    Benjamin Merenbloom
  • Thanks to Esperanso, I was able to have a truly life-changing experience. I got to learn about the struggles of the world through the lens of childhood innocence that allowed me to see how no matter where people come from, no matter the circumstances, children can see the best in the world. It gave me hope for the future.

    Scott Waters
  • Esperanso provides a unique travel experience filled with adventure, mystery, excitement, and true care. I couldn’t imagine my first trip to Israel with anyone else – it was undoubtedly one of the most well-planned trips I have ever experienced and I would love to do it again.

    Jordan Gudaitis
  • While traveling with my parents and husband, we booked two full-day trips from Tel Aviv with Esperanso to Masada/Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Every detail was taken care of and we truly got the VIP experience. Itay was so helpful and extremely responsive to my many questions. From our first introductory call to our final pre-trip meeting, Itay was there every step of the way to make sure we were completely comfortable. He and his colleagues even checked in with us throughout the trip to make sure things were going well.

    Our tours were completely customized with the most amazing tour guide, Itamar. He made it a point to get to know us all as individuals and tailored the days to our interests. Itamar’s knowledge and passion for Israel, its history, and culture were contagious. We absolutely would not have had the same incredible experience and deep appreciation for Israel without Esperanso & Itamar.

    Alex Mattia
  • Booked a trip with Esperanso on Passover few months ago with my wife and two kids. What a wonderful time and experience we had in Israel it’s hard to describe in words but I’ll try. In just ten days we saw so many places it is just crazy to think we were able to do it in so little time. We hiked beautiful nature, we did camel riding, we learned new cultures, we partied and shopped in Tel aviv, we were blown away by Jerusalem spiritual power and history. We ate the best food of our lives, we floated in the dead sea and enjoyed the beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and so much more. Thank you for the warm attention and service Esperanso team! Thanks to you me and my family have an amazing memory in an amazing place. We will definitely be back.

    Dimitry Knyajanski
  • I worked directly with Itay and had a great experience. Really enjoyed the trip. Definitely recommend!

    Denys Katerenchuk
  • Highly recommendable and very well organized. I am definitely using it again

    Jesus Garcia Alvarez

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