You’re about to step foot into a unique, kibbutz-like, pastoral community

– Kfar Tikva.

Kfar Tikva means “The Village of Hope.” The name is derived from the hope it has delivered for 50+ years and continues to deliver, to adults with cognitive, developmental and emotional disabilities. This non-profit organization is a Home for Life and community enabling adults with disabilities to maximize their potential, at every life stage, regardless of their limitations. 

The Backstory

Kfar Tikva was created in 1963 with the help of German volunteers and donors. By 1964, the village opened its doors and created a community for adults with cognitive, developmental and emotional disabilities.  It is a welcoming, inclusive place to call home.

At the inauguration of the village, the founder Siegfried Hirsch is quoted as saying, “Everyone should have the opportunity to live open productive lives, just like all of us!”

That vision has not changed since the first residents joined.  Kfar Tikva’s mission is to be a home and community where the residents are empowered and valued, living as autonomously as possible, as contributing members of society, working together to help sustain a healthy, thriving community.

Currently there are over 220 adults with diverse disabilities who call Kfar Tikva home.  All the residents work either on site in our therapeutic crafts workshops, in the functioning of the village itself, alongside independent entrepreneurs who have established businesses on the grounds of the village or in the neighboring towns.  25% of the residents live more independently in the neighboring town of Kiryat Tivon as part of our Community Living Program.  The village provides, medical services, therapeutic care, social services, activities and meaningful opportunities for inclusion in the community at large and services and attractions to bring the community into Kfar Tikva.

Management of the village includes family members and guardians of the residents; assuring that the residents themselves have a voice and a right to speak their opinion. Each and every resident is involved in the creation of their personalized program – where they work, which informal education programs, clubs and leisure activities they participate in as well as their living situation.   

There’s a personal connection for us at Esperanso too.

Our aunt was a founding resident at Kfar Tikva when she joined the community in 1965. Today, she continues to thrive in the village. We have fond childhood memories of visiting our aunt in Kfar Tikva.  These memories contributed to our decision to include Kfar Tikva as one of the core organizations we are choosing to share with travelers to Israel.

Your Visit to Kfar Tikva With Esperanso

There are many aspects of Kfar Tikva but one that holds a special place in our heart is the Tulip Winery.

According to the Tulip Winery, “Work provides structure, develops social skills, builds a sense of responsibility, self-esteem and personal empowerment.” The winery provides meaningful employment to the residents of Kfar Tikva, personal empowerment and contributes to a fulfilled life through their own unique contributions.

On your trip, you will show your support by visiting the winery to enjoy some of the best wine available in Israel. In the swanky tasting room, you’ll get to sip on reds and whites while learning more about the vineyard, the workers, and of course, the wine itself. We like to call it an elevated wine tasting experience.

How You’ll Give Back

By simply indulging in some of Israel’s most famous wine, you’ll support this thriving community. Your support of the Tulip Winery means that they’ll continue to be able to provide meaningful jobs for Kfar Tikva’s residents.

There are opportunities beyond this visit too.

Kfar Tikva is a non-profit organization. The operating budget is provided by Israel’s Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Defense. This funding enables the village to continue functioning on the most basic level, but, any special projects, growth or capital projects must be funded by donations That’s where you come in.

If you love your experience in Kfar Tikva, you can choose to have 2% of the cost of your trip donated by Esperanso to this worthy non-profit organization. It’s just one of the ways your visit could help improve the lives of people in this uniquely Israeli community.

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Kfar Tikva

A Home and Community for Adults with Disabilities

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