We found the top 3 reasons that will convince you to take advice from locals who really know this country before you arrive.

You have made up your mind (as you should) to travel to Israel! Awesome! You made the right choice and you’re not alone. The travel interest to Israel from the United States has increased by 48% this year according to CNBC. Israel is ranked no. 9 among the world’s 10 fastest-growing tourist destinations according to CNN, and there is a good reason for those rankings.

Perceived as a country of conflict and war for so long, Israel has finally been discovered for what it really is – a unique country combining history, culture and rare experiences you wouldn’t get anywhere else. In addition, Israel is the 29th safest country in the world according to Safearound website. Slowly, the stigma is fading, and the visitors are loving the real Israel they discover.

With all of that said, Israel is a country full of secrets and hidden experiences that are kept from the “regular” traveler. The reason is that for so many years tourism in Israel was very limited. It was only those popular attractions mostly related to religion and history that attracted visitors and were the main reason they visited. It created a common path which almost everyone is taking, without knowing that actually, there is so much more than the Western Wall, the Dead Sea and Tel Aviv. We found the top 3 reasons that will convince you to take advice from locals who really know this country before you arrive.

Reason No. 1

You will get to know the real Israelis

If only you could ask and get to know the locals who are off the beaten path, you would hear fascinating stories told with excitement, a warm welcoming and a desire to be heard. Used to being known as the “bad guys” portraited in the media, Israelis are always happy to show you the Israel you didn’t know existed. When traveling to Israel, make sure you get good advice on where you could meet locals who are waiting for you to come and hear them.

Reason No. 2

You will understand the diverse and complex country it truly is

In a two-hour ride from Tel Aviv in any direction, you will unknowingly pass by at least 3 different cultures and communities that are practicing different religions and have different traditions. Unless someone would point it out to you, you wouldn’t even notice that you missed a great opportunity to learn about those rich cultures and their stories. Of course, it is even more recommended to stop by for a visit and experience those communities.


Reason No. 3

Local Israelis are keeping the best spots for themselves.

Israel is a very small country, hidden spots that hold unique experiences are often kept as secrets from other fellow Israelis, and most certainly, from tourists. As those beautiful spots can easily get overcrowded, only few know about them. So, if you are curious about those spots you wouldn’t know otherwise, we suggest you get really close with a local Israeli.




Before you run out and choose the popular path everyone else is taking, let us surprise you and offer you unique experiences you wouldn’t get any other way. Let us show you the true beauty of our local communities through our socially responsible tourism. Contact us now to book your next vacation to Israel!



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