Not only is it possible, it’s very much recommended to look for the tour that will surprise you.

For the first timers, Israel can be a confusing destination. You hear so much about it, yet you still don’t know much. It feels like Israel is hitting the headlines so many times, but none of the information there is helping you in determining where you should go when planning your trip. The way we see it, you have two options when visiting Israel and deciding where you should visit.

Option 1- The classic tour of Israel

A quick search on the internet will provide you with numerous tour companies that are basically offering you….the same. The same classic tour, the same sites that everyone is going to, and the same sites that local Israelis are never going to and are never really hanging out in. While there are some must see sites and attractions you really shouldn’t be missing, this classic tour won’t give you the real Israel we wish for you to see and get to know. Traveling is so much more than just seeing a place and putting a check mark in the box that you’ve been there, done that. Traveling is the feeling you are left with, it’s the tastes, the smells, those deep conversations you suddenly had with a local and those random experiences happened to you while you were not expecting them. This idea leads us to option number 2.

Option 2- Off the beaten path tour of Israel

Not only is it possible, it’s very much recommended to look for the tour that will surprise you. This option allows you to not only visit the regular tourist sites, but also the communities, organizations and sites that are not known to most of the tourists that are coming to Israel. A visit at the home of Arab women that are excited to tell you their story and wish to feed you with their delicious food, a visit to a coffee shop that is run by people with special needs, an authentic tour inside a Kibbutz and a visit to their local bar, a meeting with a father that lost his son in a war, an activity in an organic farm and so much more. While those activities may not be the ones you see in most of the travel company’s sites, those are the ones we recommend you should be looking for. They are sure to provide you with lasting memories, connections and feelings that will be worth so much more than the same photo uploaded to yours and everyone else’s Instagram account.

How to find the off the beaten path activities

Luckily, you don’t have to do that all by yourself, after all you can’t really find those unique experiences unless you really know Israel. Finding the right activities that will fit your personality and will be sure to excite you are a real challenge. The first thing that needs to be done is to understand who you really are and what exactly you like. From there, the task of matching you with the right activity is easier. At Esperanso, we do just that. We take the time to get to know you first and then match you with our unique and authentic activities and sites that will be sure to surprise you and leave you with wonderful memories.

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