One of our most popular tours is a collaborative effort with Shared Paths, called the co-existence tour. On this custom tour to Israel, visitors experience both Jewish and Muslim holy sites, as well as meet and converse with people of differing backgrounds.

More Than Just a Sightseeing Tour

Finding a way to shape a harmonious and bright future for all people in Israel is not easy – but here at Esperanso, we believe that travel can help to promote peace, understanding and respect.

Our travel agency in Israel aspires to offer you the deep sense of fulfilment with its carefully planned and methodically arranged Israel vacation that supersedes the regular definition of travel!

That’s why we have made socially responsible tourism a pillar of our business – it’s a guiding principle and value that can be seen in all of our Israel tours.


 What travel means to our Israel Tour Company

Our travel agency in Israel believes that travel should not just be about ticking off sites on a list; it’s about coming to understand and respect different cultures and viewpoints.

It is also about empowering people – not only those who take the holy land tours, but entire communities and groups.

We believe that through sharing stories, culture, food and conversation, people can come to understand each other better. This then paves the way for mutual respect and understanding, and, ultimately, peace.

Travel also shows how communities are already co-existing peacefully, with a shared commitment to a bright and peaceful future.

The Co-Existence Tour

One of our most popular tours is a collaborative effort with Shared Paths, called the co-existence tour. On this tour, visitors experience both Jewish and Muslim holy sites, as well as meet and converse with people of differing backgrounds.

The seven-day tour takes our guests to many of the most significant and famous Jewish sites in Israel, including the Western Wall and Tzfat. In addition, we journey through the lively streets of Tel Aviv, exploring culturally rich neighbourhoods such as Neve Tzedek, to see what everyday life is like in Tel Aviv.

The tour then takes in Islamic sites and towns, including Umm el-Fahm. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit a mosque, and learn about the Five Pillars of Islam. A traditionally-prepared meal is another highlight that offers the chance to experience genuine culture and conversation in a warm environment.

As well as these stops, the tour also encompasses many sites that show how people of many faiths, including Muslims and Jews, can live harmoniously together.

A stop at Sheferam, a city where Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze have lived in harmony since the 1920s, is one such highlight. Similarly, a visit to the Center for a Shared Society at Givat Haviva is another stop that shows how people can live together peacefully.


Our partnership with Shared Paths

Our Israel tours are quite unique, not only because of our firm commitment to socially responsible travel, but also thanks to our partnership with Shared Paths.

Shared Paths is a unique organisation made up of Jewish and Arab entrepreneurs who are committed to promoting mutual understanding and respect. It uses tourism as a vessel, with many different tours, events and workshops to facilitate this aim.

These events are attended by people of all different backgrounds, including locals as well as foreign visitors, students and retirees, and people of all faiths.

One of Shared Paths’ aims is to allow for the narrative of Arab people in Israel to be shared and understood. Like us, it is their belief that through this exchange of viewpoints and ideas, mutual understanding and co-operation is possible.

It is no wonder, then, that Esperanso and Shared Paths were a good fit to work together.

Not only do we both share the goal of a peaceful and respectful future, but we both believe that tourism is a way to do this. In addition, we believe that travel can – and should – go deeper, allowing people to dive into a place and really come to understand it and all its parts.

While activism, empowerment and dialogue are all themes that are interwoven through our tours, our itineraries also feature many things for visitors to Israel to simply enjoy. Stops at places such as Ma’ayan Harod National Park allow for our guests just to appreciate the natural beauty of the country.


How our Israel tours enrich lives

Every step of the way, however, visitors know that their stay is enriching the lives of the communities we visit.

This is because our commitment to ethical travel also extends to supporting empowering organizations such as those that employ socially disadvantaged people, for example, those with disabilities. Our travel agency in Israel prioritize smaller, locally run restaurants and accommodation providers so that entire communities benefit economically from tourism.

As more people become interested in ethical travel and making sure that travel is an enriching experience for all, we expect tours such as our co-existence tour will only become more popular.

With this, we hope that people will leave these tours feeling like they have more than just beautiful photographs and memories, but that they also have a deeper understanding of the places and people they have encountered.

Our travel Agency in Israel – Esperanso, wishes and hopes for everyone to feel thoroughly empowered after the travel so that they create a positive future for themselves and others.

Our guided tour to Israel is a hearty endeavour for you all to string the best travel moments in your timeline.

Here at Esperanso, we also hope they will come away feeling empowered to create a positive future for themselves and others.

While it may not be the typical Israel tour, we think that it is even better.

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