It smells of the nativity with the home-like cooking and display of large cauldrons of dishes


Being to a new land, it is very natural for everyone to savor into the land’s cuisine. However, the food experience too matters for a large audience. Especially the ones that offer a multitude of experience than just food like nightlife, a newer approach to food, etc. Most custom tours to Israel from travel agency devoid these kinds of delicacies by dedicating most of your timeline to exploring the history and staring at beaches. While that is not bad by any means, working with a native travel agency in Israel like Esperanso can shine some light on unique experiences like the following.


Photo credit: StateofIsrael on / CC BY
  • Hasalon, Tel Aviv:

    The name translates to “The Living Room” in Hebrew. The setup of the restaurant is the same as your living room during a house party. A live kitchen offers authentic Israeli food and a lot of liquor and loud music to carry the mood.

Photo credit: StateofIsrael on / CC BY
  • Azura, Jerusalem:

Located in the Machine-Yehuda market, it smells of the nativity with the home-like cooking and display              of large cauldrons of dishes. The dishes are those regular day-to-day home dishes of native Israelis from            the Israel-Arab cuisine that is so easy on the stomach and the right choice for responsible travel in                        Israel.

  • The old man and the sea, Jaffa:

One of the places where they keep refilling at speeds you can’t eat. Every other dish than the main course is free that include appetizer, dips, salads, falafels, pita bread, and lemonade that are limitlessly refilled — a great place to suffice the Israeli food hunger.

  • Benedict, Tel Aviv:

What is most inviting than a 24-hour restaurant that operates in the city that is known for its nightlife. The Tel Aviv restaurant’s specialty is it serves a variety of Israeli and other cuisine breakfast any time of the day with the greeting of “good morning” so you feel fresh like in the morning.

Photo credit: StateofIsrael on / CC BY-SA
  • OCD, Tel Aviv:

By the name, the perfectionists are great with tastes. They encourage the diners for an open mind and try out new dishes by offering a tasting menu experience to all of the diners at once.

  • Hakosem, Tel Aviv:

Want to savor the authentic street food of Israel from the hummus to the shawarmas. Here it is all, in varieties and the taste unrivaled by any other restaurant. If you do not find time to get there, look out for Druze Pita Stalls that are parked mostly near tourist filled markets and community spots.

  • Whiskey bar & Museum, Tel Aviv:

The 19th-century winery that also served as a secret army base is now one of the largest displays of  whiskey from around the world. The underground temple has handpicked dishes that go well with whiskey and whiskey cocktails.


When you are roaming around by foot exploring the holy land, do not forget to stop by when you see these names. These restaurants are unique to this land and experience than once in a lifetime.

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