It has a slew of beaches, coffee shops, and nightlife destinations, making it a perfect Israel vacation destination.


If you have not known about the significance of the land of Israel, it has the most diverse cultural heritage to its names. With rulers belonging to various religions ruling the land, the whole country is filled with monuments. It is rich with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim monuments and art forms that are fascinating to watch.

Tel Aviv, a city on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, is filled with all the flavor of a nation. It has a slew of beaches, coffee shops, and nightlife destinations, making it a perfect Israel vacation destination.

Here are some great things for you to do while visiting the great city of Tel Aviv:

Spend an Evening at the Beach Promenade

The long promenade along the coastline, which is renovated frequently, is also known as Tel Aviv – Jaffa Promenade. While there are many chill out spots to enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean coast, there are numerous coffee shops too. Getting there to witness the sunset is the most preferable by tourists and locals.


Explore the Old City of Jaffa

Old Jaffa is found on the extended part of Tel Aviv. Located along the coast, the land is concentrated with age-old buildings. Some of the notable monuments not to miss are the clock tower, the flea market, Andromeda’s rock, and the AL-Bhar Mosque. There is no better option than taking a walking tour through the narrow streets to explore old Jaffa.

Photo credit: Markus Trienke on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Admire the Bauhaus Architecture

UNESCO regarded Tel Aviv as one of the heritages cites in the world because of the Bauhaus architecture buildings from the 1930s and 40s. Most of these buildings are clustered in the white city architectural area. Taking a trip organized by the local tour agencies in Israel like Esperanso can cover it in half a day, ending at a restaurant that blends with tradition.

Tel Aviv Museum

It is the largest and the most modern looking museum in the outside to house modernized, contemporary, and Israeli art. The collection is spread across all forms of art from photography, architecture to performance arts. The newest addition, Herta and Paul Amir building is a wonder of architecture designed by Professor Scott Cohen, which you must not miss.

Stroll at Neve Tzedek

While you’re on one of your Israel tours, taking an evening walk in the Neve Tzedek locality should be an alternative pleasure. Walking through the first formed colony out of Jaffa, you can find several fashion stores and historic buildings. The historic train station of Tachana restored for cultural display and shopping section is a remarkable place in the same locality.

Photo credit: Israel_photo_gallery on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND



Tel Aviv should be your last stop in Israel after enjoying all the historical significance of the country. Chill along the beaches, go to some crazy pubs, and taste the Israeli liquor before bidding goodbye to the land.

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