Nestled in the crest of the Mediterranean Sea, it is always a popular tourist destination.

Here comes the ethical truth. Israel is a piece of land with eternal beauty. Every year, the visitors to this place are increasing, which shows the places in Israel are enchanted for its natural beauty. Israel is known for its holiness, as this is the birthplace of three religions, namely Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Nestled in the crest of the Mediterranean Sea, it is always a popular tourist destination. Thus, people love to visit this place for many reasons and have become a popular tourist spot.

  • Everyone Can Explore Something

For everyone, there is something to explore in Israel. From kids to oldies, all age groups find different things to indulge them in accordance with their desire. The tour agencies in Israel have many categories to handle local travels in Israel. This facilitates the tourists to enjoy justifying one of the reasons why Israel is famous.

  • Weather – Vacation

Weather is one of the reasons for the tourists to select as their vacation spot. Israel vacation spots are more categorized under History lovers, Sportier, Couples, Family, Oldies, Religion peace seekers, and so on. Here, you’ll enjoy most of the year from amazing weather with the perfect conditions to travel.

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  • Wonders of Nature

Israel is a land of nature, Galilee green hills, the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, the respective coastal lines and Negev Desert. Everything is here and this makes it very popular. This place satisfies the people who search for a fascination within a small package trip. We here at Esperanso, are doing the best to offer you that perfect vacation, no matter what you like most.

  • Multi-Cuisine

As Israel has a high floating people population, there prevails a multi-cuisine eating habit. Travelers can enjoy different cuisine, and this is the paradise for vegans. World’s highest vegan percentage is here. Fruits and vegetables are consumed more with good taste and are fresh as well. Bon appetite!

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  • Israel Festivals and other Events

A combined land of both history and modern culture give way too many festivals and events. Some are listed here.

  • Seven Feasts of Israel
  • Sukkot Festival
  • Karmiel Dance Festival
  • Annual Tiberius Marathon
  • Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair
  • Jerusalem Beer Festival
  • Olive Festival
  • Tel Aviv Pride

Israel is such a place where you should not miss its natural ingredients. Live a small life in this wonderful world, and move through entertainment and fun. Have a package tour with Esperanso and get a heartfelt memory within you!

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