Israel Beaches

Here are some of the most significant beaches in the country that you can’t afford to miss.

Visiting places of touristic elements, taking part in fun games and a glimpse of clean water can pep up anyone’s trip. Israel has a variety of beaches, most of which astonishing than others in various aspects.

Like every other Middle East country, Israel too has enough quality beaches filled with water sports, cafés and bars to chill out. Here are some of the most significant beaches in the country that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Tel Aviv Beaches:

    There are about ten beaches across the 10 km stretch promenade from Tel Aviv to old Jaffa. Each has a character of its own like Hilton the finest and gay attraction spot, Herzylia, the most well-maintained beaches on the north.

  • Caesarea Beach:

    One of the forgotten beaches 50 km north of Tel Aviv but does not have anything like restaurants or promenade. The plain sand beach bordered by ruins of Roman Aqueduct is still significant with the locals and the hippies. Only a local travel agency in Israel find it meaningful to add them in the itinerary.

Israel Beaches
Photo credit: Sara Simmons Photography on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC
  • Beit Yannai Beach:

    Another estuary from Alexander river is also a part of the nature reserve. This well-maintained place is ideal spot for water sports, especially, kite surfing.

  • Eilat Coral Reef Beach:

    The multicolored coral reef stretch across the shoreline of the red sea is the marvel of the beach. Dolphin ridge where you can swim with dolphins is also a part of the same natural coral reserve line.

Israel Beaches
Photo credit: WebsThatSell on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC
  • Dead Sea Mineral Beach:

    The beach is with an enormous amount of mineral deposits on the coast. The seawater is hotter than usual and not ideal for sporting either. But the mineral-rich sand itself is said to have a lot of cleansing and healing abilities. Take a stop here if you are moving by road to the holy land’s capital.


  • Dor Habonim Beach:

    The beach is known for the hiking and camping enthusiasts in the Mediterranean coastline. Mostly covered with rocks, the shore is adorned with shipwrecks and sunken troves. You can visit for a romantic sunset or stay over for night camp to enjoy all its beauty.

Taking a travel package from a conventional travel agent will void you the opportunity of exploring the sands of the Israeli beaches. Choose Israel travel package from a local company like Esperanso who knows the country to its roots for the best trip to Israel.

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