We collected 5 attractions and sites that are sure to give you an experience like you’ve never had before.

If you already had the chance to travel to Israel, we bet we already know where you’ve been and what you’ve done. If you’re planning to go anytime soon, we bet we know where you think you should go and do, or at least what everyone has told you. Israel is known for many things- history, food, culture, diversity and of course- sun. What Israel is less known for, is the unique places and people that make this country so much more than a regular tourist attraction. We collected 5 attractions and sites that are sure to give you an experience like you’ve never had before. And the best part? They are all socially responsible activities that are promoting and supporting a social cause.

  • Nimrod LookoutRosh Pina

If you happen to travel in the north of Israel, this lookout is a hidden treasure you must visit. Not known for most of the tourists that visit the north, this unique place is a beautiful spot on top of the small village of Rosh Pina. It was built by Hezi Segev, in memory of his son who died during the second Lebanon war. Your visit will fuel Hezi’s mission to maintain this beautiful site and will provide you with an opportunity to witness the beauty of the north.


  • Women and tales – Jerusalem

Jerusalem. How else can we surprise you when it comes to this well-known city? Is there something you didn’t know or heard already? Absolutely!

Women and Tales is a unique social project that is aimed to empower the women of Jerusalem through tourism. The project is led by The Administration of Culture and Leisure in The Jerusalem Municipality. The initiation was created as a result of awareness to the needs of the Israeli and worldwide tourism industry, along with the desire to provide a source of income for the city’s women. So, on your next visit to Jerusalem, make sure to check their website and choose a unique attraction that is sure to be fun and meaningful.


  • Tulip Winery – Tivoon

 Who doesn’t like wine? The opportunity to visit wineries and experience the wonder of this process is definitely one of the hottest and most popular world-wide attraction at the moment. There is something so romantic and enjoyable when visiting the wineries and hearing their stories, it is the perfect peek to the local’s lives. This unique winery is giving you the opportunity to be part of something big. The winery is located in Kfar Tikva- home for people with special needs. The residents of this village are employed in the winery and are given the chance work and live like all of us. If you are love wine and looking for a winery in Israel, why not choose this one?


  • Shades of Sweet- Pardes Hanna

Is there a better thing to do than a chocolate workshop? We don’t think so. That’s why we are strongly recommending that you’ll visit this special place. The Shades of Sweet chocolate boutique is a social initiative for strengthening youth. They learn how to produce a variety of high-quality pralines and chocolates with the close instruction of professional chocolatiers and support of an educational staff. Follow the smell and prepare your taste buds for a powerful experience!


  • Rainbow Tour TLV- Tel Aviv

Probably the best city in the world, in our opinion of course, Tel Aviv is the city of possibilities. So much to do, see, taste and feel. Tel Aviv has many angles. This unique tour will expose you to one of the most fascinating issues of the middle east- the LGBTQ community. Walk through the pink points, the main sites and best night-life spots, while learning about the events that shaped this unique community.

Rainbow Tour TLV.

Rainbow tour TLV
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