• What is socially responsible tourism?

Socially responsible tourism means that every tour you take benefits local communities and supports positive social change. During your tour, we will offer you authentic experiences that directly support local organizations, such as a visit to a winery that employs people with special needs or to a lookout that was founded in the memory of a fallen soldier. You’ll get the same vacation you had planned while making a positive difference for everyone!


  • Will I be volunteering when traveling with Esperanso?

No, we do not believe in short-term volunteering. Our custom tours are designed to be a socially responsible version of the vacation you had in mind, where you can relax and explore this wonderful country without having to do any active work. We want you to have the best time in Israel while passively supporting a great social cause!


  • Is a socially responsible tour with Esperanso more expensive?

No, we guarantee the best and most competitive rates on the market. We’re proud to donate money to our partner organizations entirely out of our own pocket, at no additional cost to you.


  • What is your vision for this company?

Our vision is to make tourism in Israel socially responsible. We believe tourism can play a key role in empowering local communities and promoting positive social change in every country. Our philosophy is that if every business embraces social responsibility, the world will be a much better place for all of us!


  • Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Yes! Israel is the 29th safest country in the world according to Safearound website. Millions of tourists visit Israel every year, and many of them consider it safer than major cities in the US. As long as you practice safe habits—don’t leave personal items unattended, stash your valuables in the safe deposit. 



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