Our Story

Our Story

The inspiration for our family-owned business, Esperanso, came from our heritage.

The name Esperanso dates back to 1492. It is our family’s original name and the one we had when our ancestors moved away from Spain back to Israel.

The motivation to start Esperanso came from something more recent. It came from our aunt and our father’s stories.

Growing up as children, we had a common love for one spot in Israel – our aunt’s village called Kfar Tikva. Our aunt, Miriam, was born with a lack of oxygen, which damaged her brain at birth. When she was 13-years-old, she moved to the village of Kfar Tikva because of it’s support and service to people with special needs. Now, it’s her home. Our aunt and her neighbors live there independently. They work, play, love, fight, and do everything else that regular people do, but they do it in their unique way, which we love.

Our father also had a difficult upbringing. When he was 6-years old, he became an orphan. At such a young age, he was left to find a way to survive. He went from one family to another, spending many nights in between families at various shelters around the country. He could’ve easily become the classic story of a man with a difficult upbringing that went down the wrong path. Instead, he was fortunate to find the right people at the right time to guide him on the right path. He raised us with love and care, teaching us that sometimes, all it takes is one person to believe in you and change your life story forever.

You could be that person for one of the people you’ll meet on a trip with Esperanso.

The examples we saw in our childhood became our fuel and our motivation to live with intention and do good for the world. Today, we want to continue to be there for our aunt, our dad, and hundreds of other people but we don’t want to keep this love of giving back to ourselves. That’s why we have founded a tour company to give travelers from around the world a chance to learn from them and learn how to love unconditionally.

Esperanso has enabled us to fulfill our life’s mission. Now, we’re passing that empowerment on to you. Everything you’ll experience on an Esperanso trip is centered on this philosophy.

What inspiration, motivation, and lessons learned will you take home with you after one of our tours?

Rafael Asaf, our dad
Kfar Tikva, our Aunt’s village

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