Bridge For Youth

Bridge For Youth

“The future starts now”

“Gesher El Hanoar” was founded in 2002. The association works to significantly reduce the dropout rate among young adults at risk in Israel and afford them equal opportunities for future success in life. We operate with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers and a small team of employed staff. Once admitted, the participant is given a specific personal program tailor made to his/her specific needs.

The vision of Gesher El Hanoar is to provide a set of tools and life skills for at-risk youth by using a unique model in order to integrate them into the Israeli society as equal, contributing members.


  • Prevent the dropout rate of young adults from the formal educational system and seeing them through to obtaining a high-school diploma.
  • Assistance in enrolling to the IDF/National Service.
  • Steering our graduates into pursuing higher education.
  • Supporting our graduates to integrate into the labor market.

The program at Gesher El Hanoar is catered towards boys and girls who demonstrate high motivation and a track record of striving for success – provided they are:

  • At risk of dropping out of the formal educational systems, as well as being subject to other risk factors and distress situations.
  • Coming from a low socioeconomic background and/or dysfunctional home.

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