Jerusalem Art Tours

We connect Art loving tourists with the local art scene of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s art scene combines everything that is Jerusalem: history and tradition, innovation and modernity and most importantly a great sense of community. The artists on our tours represent all the faces of the city: ultra -orthodox Jews, secular Jews, non-Jews, new immigrants, and Israelis born long before the State was born. We’ll see silversmiths, weavers, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, and inspiring urban communal art initiatives.

A Jerusalem art tour will personalize the city for you. It will energize you with the innovation and creativity you meet, emphasise a society which is pluralistic and communal in nature, and which is fiercely defiant of its beauty and unique character.

Many Jerusalem artists have had to find innovative ways to survive, from finding studio space in abandoned bomb shelters, or in corners of small rented apartments, to looking for exhibition space in a used kindergarten, in a historic building awaiting privatization, or at the top of a failed shopping mall. Artists who choose to remain in the city are uniquely connected to her. This special bond is obvious in their work. See the work, see the city.

Art by its nature creates tensions and disrupts the status quo, but it also acts as a catalyst and encourages communication. Participants will learn about the city through the work they see but most importantly through the shared conversations they have with the artists in their studios and galleries.

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