Kfar Tikva

” A special home for special people”

In English, Kfar Tikvah means “The Village of Hope.” It got the name because of the hope it delivered, and continues to deliver, to adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. This non-profit organization provides jobs, educational opportunities, and a sense of community to over 200 residents.

The village was first formed in 1963 with the help of German volunteers and donors. By 1964, the village opened its doors to welcome residents with special developmental and emotional needs to have a welcoming, inclusive place to call home.

That sentiment sums up life ever since the first residents moved in. The goal of having a dedicated place for people with special needs was to give them a home where they were empowered as a valued, contributing member to society. Now, residents take part in jobs and duties to sustain a healthy, thriving community.

There are approximately 200 jobs for the disabled residents who call Kfar Tikvah home, including at a winery, dog breeding facility, and a candle factory. Residents also have the opportunity to get an education from the University of Haifa, which has created a unique educational program for the disabled.

Management of the village includes parents and ward representatives of the disabled, which is the major differentiator of this organization – people with disabilities have a voice and a right to speak their opinion in leadership roles. They have a voice in who moves in, where they work, what projects take place in their city, and more.

For more information or to donate contact: RebeccaL@kfartikva.org.il

Or visit their website at- www.kfar-tikva.org.il

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