Na Lagaat

“It’s not about deafness and not about blindness; it’s about the imperfection that exists in all of us…”

Adina Tal, Founder

For over a decade the Nalaga’at (“Please Touch” in Hebrew) Center has been operating successfully establishing itself as a leading, prominent and innovative cultural center both in Israel and worldwide. The center, crowned by the New York Times as “a simple, universal message, powerfully conveys from the stage”, is a meeting place for deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals and the general public.

Established in 2007, the center is home to the NLG Theater, distinguished from other cultural centers with its deaf-blind actor ensemble, one of its kind in the world. In addition, the center operates the “Blackout” dark restaurant, “Kapish” events center and Workshop center creating a unique artistic and social experience, encouraging visitors to engage and interact with deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals.

The NLGC offers unique employment opportunities and professional trainings to assist deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals in providing for themselves, while developing their own talents, skills and abilities.  The center currently employs tens of employees with disabilities working in the fields of administration, culture, hospitality and education setting a leading model for social change in Israel and abroad.

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