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Whole New Israel Experience

We took social organizations that we were personally connected to and we combined them into the itineraries with each of our trips,” he explained. “Not only do you support them by the activities during your trip, we also promise the organizations that five percent of the cost of your trip will go to one of them; that we will donate, based on your choice. This way, we ensure those organizations are empowered, socially and economically. We can take any trip you desire to do in Israel and make it into a socially responsible one.

Israel Tour Highlights Social Activism

Itay Asaf, his brother, Eyal, and sister, Shelly, grew up in Israel with their orphaned father. They listened to stories about his childhood and how he had been in and out of shelters and various families’ homes. They also had a special-needs aunt, whom they would visit frequently at Kfar Tikva, a community for adults with cognitive, developmental and emotional disabilities, near Kiryat Tiv’on in northern Israel. 

Meet The Ginosar Brothers Promoting

Social Change in Israel Through Tourism

Itay and Eyal Asaf grew up alongside two very special people who have continued to leave lasting impressions on them; their aunt with special needs and their father who became an orphan at the age of 6. Their love for Israel and their family history is what inspired them to combine both of their biggest passions – Social Justice and Tourism. Esperanso is the first company of its kind that offers Socially Responsible Tours to Israel.

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