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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours


9 Nights/10 Days


Tel Aviv, North, Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea


Boutique Hotels, 4 or 5 star Hotel


Private Guide

Our Socially Responsible Touch

During our Israel Bar Mitzvah tours, you will get to visit and empower these organizations:

Dreaming of a tour in Israel? Every tour of ours is crafted to our clients’ exact specifications. The below itinerary is just a sample of what is possible.

Contact us and we’ll create your custom Israel Bat/Bar Mitzvah tour!

Trip Description

In this fun, meaningful and unique tour to Bat/Bar Mitzvah in Israel, you and your child will go on an adventure that will change your lives. Come celebrate your special time while “Racing to Mitzvot in Israel”. Each day of the trip you will get a riddle that you must deeply explore to solve. Hidden within the riddle you will have to figure out what is the leading Jewish value of the day. Once it is solved, you will all go to the activity of the day which will be inspired by this value and relate to Mitzvot.

Book a Tour with Esperanso! Call us at +1 919-951-8125
write to us at info@esperanso.com for making any inquiry. You can also send us your questions by filling the form on your right.

You will see all that Israel offers and learn all about your heritage and participate in fun, energetic activities that will reveal Israel for you.

You will get to empower communities, learn about people that are different than you and increase your awareness for social issues. This trip will allow you to experience Israel and grow your Jewish identity in a whole new and exciting way.

This is the most special, meaningful and fun Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift you can give your child.

Below are the values that will lead our days:

Tikkun Olam – “Improving the world” – Join a workshop together with people with special needs.

Veahavta L’reacha Kamocha – “Love Your Neighbor” – Learn and explore the diverse minority communities in Israel.

Kehillah – “Community” – Experience the life in a Kibbutz, which is built on creating a supportive community.

Emunah – “Belief in G-d” – Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

T’fillah – “Prayer” – Learn about your relationship with G-d through prayer and ritual. You will meet the “Women of the Wall” who will teach about diversity and the struggle for equality in our religion.

Eretz Israel – “Land of Israel”-  Visit Masada and hear about the fascinating stories of your heritage and the history of the land.

Chinuch – “Education”- Experience the Startup nation and hear from those who make it happen.

Kabbalah – “Accepting”- Tour Tel Aviv and see it through the eyes of the LGBTQ community.

Want to get in touch with the specialists or get advice about your travel plans? Contact us and find different traveling opportunities at prices that make your trips more special.

Sample Trip Itinerary

Day 1
  • Shalom and welcome to Israel
  • Greeting and meeting with an Esperanso representative

Transfer to our hotel

Day 2
  • Kehillah activity in Kibbutz Ginnosar
  • We will explore the unique Kibbutz life which are symbolizing more than anything the power of community. The kibbutz offers a unique insight into Israeli society and will demonstrate the importance of this Jewish value in the early days of Israel.

    We will ride a tractor and explore the kibbutz- we will visit the dining room, the day care, the cowshed and many more fascinating and unique kibbutz locations. We will hear from locals about their experience living in such a unique community and get to ask questions.

    Weather permitted- a swim in the Sea of Galilee beach in the Kibbutz.

  • Golan Heights Jeep Ride
  • After our kibbutz activity we will head to the Golan Heights to enjoy a Jeep ride up the hills. We will Pass through the former Syrian bunkers and the Har Bental for panoramic views stretching far into neighboring Syria. We will Learn about the biblical and historical importance of the Golan sites while enjoying the amazing landscape.

  • De Karina Chocolate Factory
  • Following our Jeep Ride we will Join an experiential tour in De Karina chocolate factory. During the tour we will go on an exciting journey following the history of chocolate and learn about chocolate making, visit the production hall, watch out chocolatiers hand-making the chocolates, and finish with a delicious tasting.

    After dinner…

  • Authentic Israeli Komzitz with Local Bnei Mitzvah from the Kibbutz
  • During your Israel Bar Mitzvah tours, while under the moon light, and making s’mores, we will be joined by an Israeli guitar player and sing some Israeli nostalgic songs together with the Israeli peers. The most exciting and fun way to meet locals!

    Day 3
  • Social Activity – Workshop at Cochav Hatzafon Association
  • The “Cochav Hatzafon” association provides rehabilitation, care and social services to populations of people with special needs and the development of community services for children and youth at risk.

    After touring the center and hearing from its people, we will experience a unique workshop run by the special people working in the center.

    Each of our program participants will experience a disability such as placing a blindfold on or covering the ears in order to learn and feel what is it like to be one of the special people.

    Examples for the workshops we will do:
    – Create a wooden board using the instructions and a touch of creativity.
    – Create a printable picture on wood using the instructions and a touch of creativity.

  • Tzfat Old City & Artist Quarter
  • Tour the mystical city of Tzfat- one of the four holy cities in Israel. Visit the center of Kabalistic practice. Walk in the narrow alleyways lined with ancient synagogues and artists’ galleries blended in a mystical atmosphere.

  • Kayaking Trip Down the Jordan River
  • (option to try an “Omega” zip line into the water) …

    The rafting takes place approximately 10 minutes from Rosh Pina adjacent to Kibbutz Gadot in Upper Galilee in a paradise of nature and attractions… the beauty of the eucalyptus grove, the whisper of the caressing wind, the flow of the water in the mountainous northern Jordan River channel, and especially the white-water adventures exclusive to Jordan River Rafting.

    Day 4

    We will begin in a Druze family house with a hot coffee and Israeli pastry straight from the oven. We will listen to our guide and learn about the program and its main goals- getting to know the minorities in Israel, learn about the values of knowing your neighbor and respect the other. The program starts with the Druze community- the closest and best friend to the Israeli people.

  • Osafia-Druze Village
  • We will tour the old quarter of Osafiya village and be introduced to Raja Mansor- a woman activist who is promoting women’s rights in the community and who founded the Heritage Center. The Heritage Center incorporates over 100 years of history of the village from the woman’s point of view. We will get to enjoy a warm authentic herbal tea. From there, we will continue to the Hilwa (the Druze house of prayer). We will learn about the religious customs of the community and who can go into the house of prayer and why.

    We will visit the old Olive Press which is located in a cave where we will listen to a lecture about the olive tree, its significance, and why it is considered holy to the Druze. We will continue with a well-educated explanation about the olive oil; The reason for its uses, its social and political relations, the difference between the oils we buy, the process that was used in the older days to produce the oil, and we will then leave with a quality bottle of olive oil as a gift.

  • The Best Part of the Day- Authentic Druze Style Lunch
  • After a short introduction with the mother of the house where we will eat, we will be invited to the “Madfa”- the guest room of the house. While sitting in the guest room, the room will become filled with huge trays loaded with an authentic Druze food- the food is Kosher. Followed by the Druze customs of hosting, food will just keep on coming until you say- “No more.”

  • Haifa & Akko
  • Haifa Bahai Gardens Lookout- Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel and home to the famous Bahai Gardens. We’ll enjoy the spectacular views of the gardens.

    Day 5
  • King David’s Tomb
  • We begin our tour of the Old City of Jerusalem with visit to the tomb of King David on Mt. Zion. The tomb is located on Mount Zion in a 1,000-year-old building.

  • Old City Jewish Quarter
  • The Old City dates back to the 8th century BCE and is home to numerous landmarks of historical significance. The Jewish Quarter remains one of the single most-visited spots in all of Israel. Explore the Cardo, the ancient Roman marketplace and visit the four Sephardic synagogues in the Jewish quarter restored after the 1967 War.

  • Jerusalem Archaeological Park
  • Explore Second Temple-era Jerusalem on the eve of its destruction by the Romans. See a virtual reconstruction of the Temple, visit the stores and walkways of the surrounding city and see the remnants of the staircase that led to the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies.

  • Western Wall & Western Wall Tunnels
  • Enjoy a spiritual visit, and time for reflection on own at the Western Wall. Continue to the Western Wall Tunnels, where we discover the remnants of entire rooms from the Second Temple period. you’ll stand just a few feet away from where the Holy Ark stood and feel the yearning of the Jewish people for the Temple for thousands of years.

  • Tower of David Museum
  • Stroll through the colorful marketplace to the Jaffa Gate and visit the Citadel Museum at David’s Tower where you can view the most thorough collection of Jerusalem artifacts, from the Canaanite period 4,000 years ago up to today.

    Day 6
  • Women of the Wall- Lecture
  • Women of the Wall, (Neshot Hakotel – נשות הכותל in Hebrew) is a group of Jewish women from Israel and around world who strive to achieve the right to wear prayer shawls, pray and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem, Israel. The Western Wall is Judaism’s most sacred holy site and the principal symbol of Jewish peoplehood and sovereignty, and Women of the Wall works to make it a holy site where women can pray freely. Women of the Wall is comprised of women from all denominations of Judaism – Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Masorti, Renewal and Reconstructionist.

  • Mount Herzl National Cemetery
  • Visit Mt Herzl, Jerusalem’s military cemetery and learn from our guide some of the heroic stories of those buried here including Zionist figures such as Theodore Herzl, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin, here you will also find an expansive military cemetery.

  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
  • Established in 1963 as the memorial to the 6 Million Jews murdered in the Holocaust – here we will view the many exhibitions including the Hall of Names and the Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations.

    • Knesset, Israel’s Parliament

    Drive by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament and see the Menorah.
    The Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel. As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister, approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government.

    • Tower of David Night Spectacular

    Tower of David’s rooftop at night is an epic nighttime extravaganza of sight and sound, depicting the conquests of the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and others, as they tried to overtake Jerusalem. This show is “Breathtaking.”

    Day 7
  • Qumran Caves National Park
  • Explore the Qumran National Park and learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the people who wrote them. Marvel at the structures that are said to have been used to write the scrolls, the ritual baths and the caves where the scrolls were discovered in 1947.

  • Masada Mountain & Cable Car
  • Ride via cable car to the top of Masada and explore what remains of King Herod’s palace. Explore the preserved baths, cisterns and barracks. Listen to the remarkable story of the leader Eleazer Ben Yair who kept the Roman Legion’s siege at bay for three years.

  • Dead Sea & Spa Lunch
  • Enjoy an unsinkable swim in the healing, salty waters of the Dead Sea “Sea of Salt,” the sea is 417 meters below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. Its salty water contains unique healing properties and the nutrient-filled mud found on its shores are a great recipe for a healthy day.

    Day 8
  • Israel Strat-up Nation Lecture
  • Experience and uncover some of the most interesting secrets about the Israeli cyber security world. Hear from senior veteran of the secret IDF unit- 8200 and learn about other inspiring figures from the field.

  • Tel Aviv Food Tour of the Carmel Market
  • We will continue to our exciting Tel Aviv food tour through the city’s Carmel Market. will take you into the depths of Tel Aviv’s vibrant food scene. Explore Tel Aviv’s flavors and head to the heart of the action, the Carmel Market on this Tel Aviv Food Tour.

  • Social Activity – Nalaga’t Center -Wine Tasting in the Dark
  • Nalaga’at, a unique, nonprofit center of culture and arts, is a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind and the general public.

    Touching Material Workshop in the Dark:

    An experiential workshop delivered by organizational consultants and/or blind Instructors, employees of Nalaga’at Center. The workshop takes place in complete darkness and gives the participants the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday visual stimulations surrounding us. The workshop simulates a mode of blindness, allowing a special familiarity with the other and less used senses – touch, sound, smell & taste. The participants will be taken on an emotional journey, having to cope with uncertainty. By touching clay, and sculpturing assignments, they will have the opportunity to step into the world of the blind and learn by experience how the spirit enables to handle the various challenges that accompany them in their everyday lives. In the end, participants will learn to appreciate the obvious and be inspired to cope with challenges in own their lives.

    Day 9
  • Enjoy your last day of Israel Bat/Bar Mitzvah tour exploring the great and vibrant city of Tel Aviv.
  • Day 10
  • Breakfast & Depart for Ben Gurion Airport.
  • Don’t waste your time thinking and start booking now. Call us at +1 919-951-8125
    write to us at info@esperanso.com to make travel reservation for you and your loved ones and enjoy the opulence of Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours.

    If you have any question regarding our pricing policy or itinerary, simply fill out the form on your right.

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