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9 Nights/10 Days


Tel Aviv, North, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, Dead Sea


Boutique Hotels, 4 or 5 star Hotel


Private Guide

Our Socially Responsible Touch:

During this tour you will get to visit and empower these organizations:

Trip Description

Let us take you back in time and share the story of the Jewish people and how it all began. We understand what’s important to you, and that’s why we thought about every detail and created the most amazing and meaningful journey for you through Israel. Join us in exploring Israel where you will learn about the history, the culture, and get to meet amazing people and organizations who are waiting for you to add to the story.

During your 10-day trip, you will find the perfect balance between your passion for traveling and exploration combined with “doing Mitzvot.”

You will explore the state of Israel from North to South and get to know it in an entirely unique way; Visit the major cities and along your travels and get to see many beautiful sights such as the breath-taking views of the Golan Heights. Float in the Dead Sea and hear the stories of Masada where you will take a walk back in time and learn about your history. 

On this journey, you will participate in inspirational workshops together with people who have special needs. We will visit and participate in places like the Nalaga’at Center- a unique, non-profit center for cultural arts which functions as a meeting place for the deaf, blind, deaf-blind, and the public. We will also get inspired and enjoy wine tastings in Tulip Winery- a boutique winery which combines the production of quality wine with social responsibility.

It is from taking part in places like those mentioned above, that on your trip, you will join our mission to strengthen the local communities and people of Israel and make an enormous impact.

Our tours are unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before. We maintain the highest quality of professionalism and empower you to be part of a positive and meaningful social change.

Travel, enjoy and make a difference.

Sample Trip Itinerary

Day 1
  • Shalom and welcome to Israel
  • Greeting and meeting with an Esperanso representative
  • Rest of the day at leisure in Tel Aviv

Transfer to our hotel

Day 2

Social Activity – Nalaga’at Center- Wine Tasting in the Dark

Nalaga’at, a unique, nonprofit center of culture and arts, is a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind and the general public.

Wine Tasting in the Dark Workshop:
Hosted by an expert in the field, in collaboration with blind and/or visually impaired instructors, employees of the Nalaga’at Center. A glimpse into the world of wine with flavors and scents. The workshop takes place in complete darkness and gives the participants the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday visual stimulations surrounding them. The workshop is followed by tasting of Israeli boutique cheese.

Tel Aviv Food Tour of the Carmel Market

We will continue to our exciting Tel Aviv food tour through the city’s Carmel Market. will take you into the depths of Tel Aviv’s vibrant food scene. Explore Tel Aviv’s flavors and head to the heart of the action, the Carmel Market on this Tel Aviv Food Tour.

Day 3
  • Caesarea
  • Drive along the Mediterranean Coast to Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital of the area. The Caesarea National Park contains the remains of a prestigious city established by King Herod the Great.

  • Haifa Bahai Gardens Lookout.
  • Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel and home to the famous Bahai Gardens. We’ll enjoy the spectacular views of the gardens.

  • Akko’s Crusader era fortress
  • Akko dates back to the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III and was a central city of the Ottoman Empire. Visit the amazing fortress and continue walking through the colorful bazaar to the port.

  • Rosh Hanikra Grottos & Cable Car
  • Drive north along the coast to Rosh Hanikra where over a period of thousands of years from waves hitting the soft chalk rock on Israel’s coast, the amazing Grottoes (sea caves) were formed. Ride via cable car from the mountain top down to sea level to walk within the walls.

    Day 4
  • Tzfat Old City & Artist Quarter
  • Tour the mystical city of Tzfat- one of the four holy cities in Israel. Visit the center of Kabalistic practice. Walk in the narrow alleyways lined with ancient synagogues and artists’ galleries blended in a mystical atmosphere.

  • Social Activity- Workshop at Cochav Hatzafon Association
  • The “Cochav Hatzafon” association provides rehabilitation, care and social services to populations of people with special needs and the development of community services for children and youth at risk.

    After touring the center and hearing from its people, we will experience a unique workshop run by the special people working in the center.

    Each of our program participants will experience a disability such as placing a blindfold on or covering the ears in order to learn and feel what is it like to be one of the special people.
    Examples for the workshops we will do:
    – Create a wooden board using the instructions and a touch of creativity.
    – Create a printable picture on wood using the instructions and a touch of creativity.

  • Golan Heights Jeep Ride
  • Enjoy the ride up to the Golan Heights. Pass through the former Syrian bunkers and the Har Bental for panoramic views stretching far into neighboring Syria. Learn about the biblical and historical importance of the Golan sites while enjoying the amazing landscape.

  • Mitzpe Gadot Lookout
  • Take in the view at the Mitzpe Gadot overlook, the memorial site for the fallen people of the Golan.

  • Kumzitz (bon fire) in the Kibbutz
  • Enjoy an Authentic Israeli kumzitz. While under the moon light, and making s’mores, we will be joined by an Israeli guitar player and sing some Israeli nostalgic songs and learn about the unique lifestyle of the kibbutz.

    Day 5
  • Tiberias & The sea of Galilee
  • Learn about the city that was founded in the first century. Visit the Rambam’s grave and walk along the Sea of Galilee.

  • Beit She’an National Park
  • Beit She’an is the city where King Saul was defeated by the Philistines in a vicious historical battle. Visit the extensive Roman ruins of the city, destroyed over 1,300 years ago by earthquake, and recently excavated and reconstructed on a massive and impressive scale.

  • Ancient Beit Alfa Synagogue
  • Visit the intricate mosaics in the synagogue at Beit Alpha. The mosaic vividly portrays the Binding of Isaac, the Temple of Jerusalem and the Zodiac, demonstrating Roman influence on Jewish culture.

  • Gan HaShlosha National Park
  • The park was Chosen by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful parks. Enjoy a dip in the sparkling warm waters, relax and calm yourself at one of the natural pools or Jacuzzis that are idyllically situated below a flowing waterfall.

  • Mount Scopus Lookout
  • End the day with a beautiful drive via the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem.
    We’ll stop at Mount Scopus as you enter the city to say the blessing of “Shehechiyanu” to celebrate the joyous occasion of entering the holy capital. Welcome to Jerusalem, The City of Gold.

    Day 6
  • King David’s Tomb
  • We begin our tour of the Old City of Jerusalem with visit to the tomb of King David on Mt. Zion. The tomb is located on Mount Zion in a 1,000-year-old building.

  • Old City Jewish Quarter
  • The Old City dates back to the 8th century BCE and is home to numerous landmarks of historical significance. The Jewish Quarter remains one of the single most-visited spots in all of Israel. Explore the Cardo, the ancient Roman marketplace and visit the four Sephardic synagogues in the Jewish quarter restored after the 1967 War.

  • Jerusalem Archaeological Park
  • Explore Second Temple-era Jerusalem on the eve of its destruction by the Romans. See a virtual reconstruction of the Temple, visit the stores and walkways of the surrounding city and see the remnants of the staircase that led to the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies.

  • Western Wall & Western Wall Tunnels
  • Enjoy a spiritual visit, and time for reflection on own at the Western Wall. Continue to the Western Wall Tunnels, where we discover the remnants of entire rooms from the Second Temple period. you’ll stand just a few feet away from where the Holy Ark stood, and feel the yearning of the Jewish people for the Temple for thousands of years.

  • Tower of David Museum
  • Stroll through the colorful marketplace to the Jaffa Gate and visit the Citadel Museum at David’s Tower where you can view the most thorough collection of Jerusalem artifacts, from the Canaanite period 4,000 years ago up to today.

    Day 7
  • Social Activity – Jerusalem Art Tour
  • Experience Jerusalem’s neighborhoods through the eyes of the artists who live and work there. Visit galleries on and off the beaten track, meet the artists in their studios, and learn of their unique connection to Jerusalem.
    *Tour revenue will be invested in supporting cooperative and communal spaces for artists to share and exhibit their work.

  • Israel Museum & Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Founded in 1965, this is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and one of the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. Here you will find the oldest existing biblical manuscripts in the world, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are housed in the Shrine of the Book.

  • Mount Herzl National Cemetery
  • Visit Mt Herzl, Jerusalem’s military cemetery and learn from our guide some of the heroic stories of those buried here including Zionist figures such as Theodore Herzl, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin, here you will also find an expansive military cemetery.

  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
  • Established in 1963 as the memorial to the 6 Million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. We will view the many exhibitions including the Hall of Names and the Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations.

  • Knesset, Israel’s Parliament
  • Drive by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament and see the Menorah.
    The Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel. As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister, approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government.

  • Tower of David Night Spectacular
  • Tower of David’s rooftop at night is an epic nighttime extravaganza of sight and sound, depicting the conquests of the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and others, as they tried to overtake Jerusalem. This show is “Breathtaking.”

    Day 8
  • Qumran Caves National Park
  • Explore the Qumran National Park and learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the people who wrote them. Marvel at the structures that are said to have been used to write the scrolls, the ritual baths and the caves where the scrolls were discovered in 1947.

  • Masada Mountain & Cable Car
  • Ride via cable car to the top of Masada and explore what remains of King Herod’s palace. Explore the preserved baths, cisterns and barracks. Listen to the remarkable story of the leader Eleazer Ben Yair who kept the Roman Legion’s siege at bay for three years.

  • Dead Sea & Spa Lunch
  • Enjoy an unsinkable swim in the healing, salty waters of the Dead Sea “Sea of Salt”. The sea is 417 meters below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. Its salty water contains unique healing properties and the nutrient-filled mud found on its shores are a great recipe for a healthy day.

  • Return to Jerusalem- Optional Western Wall Evening Visit
  • Friday nights are a unique celebration of Shabbat where soldiers and people from all over the world are dancing and singing together.

    Day 9
  • Free Day
  • Enjoy and experience Shabbat in Jerusalem. Optional opportunity to attend Shabbat services on own.

  • Evening optional activity- Graffiti and Night Life Tour
  • Explore the city on your own or join this cool tour- Machane Yehuda at night is a whole different story. After all the shop owners close down, A new, young alternative Machane Yehuda comes to live.

    Come with us to find out who’s responsible for the new graffiti paintings appearing every night on the shops shields. We will take you to see some of the most impressing street art the market has to offer in all kinds of corners. In between we will visit a few bars that are the heart of the new and improved night life scene in Machane Yehuda market, and taste different kinds of popular Israeli drinks to make sure everyone gets the night market vibe.

    Day 10
  • Breakfast & Depart for Ben Gurion Airport
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